The Cicadas Are Coming!

As we all probably know, this year in 2021 we will be experiencing a large number of cicadas populating the tri-state area! These bugs can be overwhelming and loud but we can help young children to not be afraid of these harmless creatures by teaching them about cicadas!

Celia Schloemer of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has worked hard to do just that! They have created a social narrative to help children understand what cicadas are and why they are here.

If you think your child might benefit from this social story, you can view it here!

Elite Kids Therapy hopes you find these free resources helpful to you and your child while they try to understand the world around them. At Elite Kids Therapy, we offer quality speech therapy and occupational therapy by our qualified therapists through virtual platforms, in your child’s academic setting, in your home, or one on one in our Mason office. As an Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship provider these services can also be free to you!

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