Sharing Hope : Stories

The “Sharing HOPE” booklet was created by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s DDBP Family Advisory Council in 2017. Many patients and caregivers shared their stories for inspiration and encouragement for everyone to share. A PDF copy of the booklet can be accessed by clicking here:

Hope is something we all have for our kids. Stories and help us connect and know we’re in this together! At Elite Kids Therapy, we strive to provide that hope, encouragement, and support. We support children ages 3-18 with their needs for speech therapy, occupational therapy, and intervention specialist teaching. We are your homeschool IEP team! We collaborate, work with you as a teacher and support your child as they grow in their educational journey.

Contact us to learn more about our Jon Peterson and Autism Scholarships! These Ohio educational scholarships were made for our homeschool/private school families needing IEP services for their children. We provide those IEP services for homeschooling, private school, and various educational environments. We can help explain and walk you through this process:

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