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Read the article here From Don’, written by Written by Irina Vasilescu “We always want to provide the best for our kids, but somehow, the pressure is even greater when our kids have special needs. Of course, there are direct costs, such as the need for medical equipment to make their lives easier, but we also want to provide them with happy memories to at least partly make up for the tough times they experience at a very young age. Fortunately, there’s no need to feel all alone. There are some marvelous organizations out there that really want to help. Why not give them an opportunity to do so? Are you managing just fine on your own? Consider donating to these worthy causes instead. For this list, we’ll cover all the names of organizations providing medical and therapy help we can find, but do ask medical staff about local non-profits, and feel free to share the names of any organizations that have been of help to your family.” Find all the available items here:   Cincinnati Therapy Connections helps children in the Cincinnati area. We provide speech therapy and occupational therapy for children ages 3-18. As an Ohio Jon Peterson and Autism Scholarship provider, we can provide speech and occupational therapy in your home or child’s educational environment. Therapy for your child will be provided by highly experienced and qualified speech language pathologists and occupational therapist. Contact us 513-444-0770 or email [email protected] for more informarion!