Calming & Self-Regulation Strategies for Kids

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One of the most common things that friends, family members, and parents in our therapy practice/play groups is self-regulation ask us about is self-regulation strategies. It seems that so many kids struggle with this very complex aspect of child development – for many different reasons.

Parents and caregivers may feel overwhelmed by the constant challenge of meltdowns and tantrums or they express frustration about their children’s loud, rambunctious behavior, saying that they just can’t seem to calm down.

We know that so many parents and professionals struggle with coming up with calming and self-regulation strategies for kids. So today, we wanted to supply you with your own FREE library of tools, resources, and strategies for calming and self-regulation!

Since many of the children we see in our practice struggle with maintaining calm behavior in school and at home, you’ll see that most of the resources below are geared toward calming. However, we know that there are also kids who aren’t always able to maintain an appropriate level of alertness. For these kids, you might want to check out our ideas for alerting sensory input.

Calming & Self-Regulation Strategies for Kids

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Calming Games & Activities for Outings

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Calming Strategies for Kids

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