Lets Talk: Toe Walking in Children

The Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati is hosting a Let’s Talk session on the topic of Toe Walking in children on Wednesday January 27th at 6:30pm. This mini session will help parents and caregiver learn more about the various interventions for toe walking, from physical therapy to gait training, serial training, and orthotic management. They will also talk about the difference between Idiopathic Toe Walking and Toe Walking as a secondary diagnosis, and when to seek orthopedic intervention.

The chat will be facilitated by Puja Gaitonde of Big Blue Canopy.

Parents and caregivers of preschool and elementary age children are especially encouraged to register for this free informational chat!

To register for this event on Wednesday, January 27th, click here!

The Elite Kids Therapy team hopes that this free event hosted by The Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati is informational in helping you better understand the individual needs of your child. If your child has a tendency to walk on their toes, we encourage you to register and join this free chat to learn more about how you can help and understand their needs. At Elite Kids Therapy, we offer quality speech therapy and occupational therapy for all children! Our qualified therapists are available through virtual platforms, in your own home, in your child’s academic setting, or in our Mason office. As an Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarship provider these services can also be free to you!

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